Beamer Bridge documentation

Welcome! This is the official documentation for Beamer Bridge.

Beamer is a bridging protocol lets you transfer your ERC20 tokens between supported L2 chains and it also supports bridging to L1.

Why Beamer?

  • Secure: We don’t use any liquidity pool or smart contract to deposit the liquidity. This effectively reduces to get hacked.

  • Seamless: Our app is user-friendly and easy to use.

  • Fast: Transfers are the fastest. You can check our speed comparison here.

The Beamer Protocol

Beamer is a protocol enables users to move tokens from one chain to another. The user requests a transfer by providing tokens on the source chain. Liquidity providers then fill the request and directly send tokens to the user on the target chain. Check out The Beamer Protocol to learn more.

Beamer Contracts

At the core of Beamer is a set of smart contracts, written in Solidity, that deal with transfer requests, fulfillments and messaging between layers of Ethereum. Sections below describe each of those aspects in detail.

  1. Architecture

  2. Parameters

  3. L1 Resolution

  4. Contracts API Reference

Running an agent

In order to provide liquidity to the Beamer bridge, liquidity providers run one or more instances of agent software. While everyone is welcome to write their own agent and participate in the protocol, writing an agent is not a straightforward task. To address that, the Beamer bridge project provides a reference agent implementation that can be used to quickly set up liquidity provisioning. For more details on that, please check out sections below.

  1. Prerequisites

  2. Configuring the Agent

  3. Getting the Contract Deployment Information

  4. Starting an agent

  5. Stopping an agent

  6. Troubleshooting


Developers who want to contribute to the protocol can check sections below.

  1. Overview

  2. Getting Started

  3. Agent Architecture and Implementation

  4. Making a new Release

  5. The branching strategy

Reference documentation

Below you can find reference documentation on various commands, agent configuration and smart contracts.

  1. beamer Command Reference

  2. Configuration File Reference

  3. Contracts API Reference

Current Deployment

This page consists of current contract deployment addresses. Current Deployment


You can check contract audit reports in this page. Audit Reports


You can see the answers for questions in this page. FAQ


This page has explanations of terms used. Glossary