• What is Beamer Bridge?

    Beamer Bridge enables direct ERC20 asset transfers between any two EVM compatible rollups, without transiting via Layer 1(L1).

  • What are the advantages of Beamer?

    • Blazing Fast

      Bridge assets in as little as 2.5 seconds - and always under 20 seconds.

    • Exact Amounts

      If you send USDC 1,000, you always receive USDC 1,000. No funky decimals.

    • Easy Fees

      Pay just 0.3% of the transfer amount. Charged upfront on the source rollup.

    • Super Simple

      Sign just one transaction on the source rollup. That’s it. You’re done!

    • Canonical Tokens

      You always receive canonical tokens - never derivative or proxy tokens.

    • Final

      When you get your tokens on the destination rollups, they’re 100% yours.

    • Security of Ethereum L1

      We use Ethereum L1 for messaging and settlement. Best-in-class security.

  • What happens when I send tokens from Rollup 1 to Rollup 2?

    1. User initiates transaction to contract on Rollup 1, locking fees and assets

    2. Agent sends assets to user on Rollup 2

    At this stage, the user is done and receives their assets on target rollup.

    For agents

    1. The agent initiates the claim on Rollup 1

    2. If no one challenges the claim, the agent can withdraw the assets on Rollup 1”

  • Will Beamer have a token?

    Beamer has not decided whether or not it will distribute tokens. Beamer’s primary focus right now is building a seamless and secure bridge.

  • What is a rollup?

    A rollup performs transaction execution outside Layer 1 and then the data is posted to layer 1 where consensus is reached. There are two types of rollups, Zero-Knowledge (ZK) and Optimistic Rollups.

  • What is a “canonical token”?

    Canonical tokens represent the original assets, not the wrapped versions such as WEth or WBtc.

  • What is an agent?

    Agent is the term Beamer uses for the software run by liquidity providers to observe the rollups, fill users’ requests, and participate in challenges.

  • What are liquidity providers?

    They are entities providing funds to an agent or several agents. The funds are used to fulfill incoming requests. Liquidity providers earn a fee for each fulfilled request.

  • What kind of tokens can we transfer on Beamer?

    On Beamer, you are able to transfer ERC20 tokens across EVM-compatible rollups.

  • How can I track my transfer?

    While initiating a transfer, you will see the progress on our dApp. You can also click “See transfer on the Explorer” to check the status of your transfer.

    Alternatively, you can check your outgoing transfers on the respective rollup explorers.

  • What is the vision of this project?

    We offer an intuitive and seamless bridge solution that specializes in cross-rollup transfers. Our goal is to provide a smooth user experience to make Ethereum more accessible and convince more people to join the ecosystem. Important for us: Beamer is a community-driven open-source project and will be based on collaborative efforts.

  • When was Beamer Founded?

    We started working on the idea for Beamer in October 2021.

  • How can I contact the Beamer Team?

    You can contact the Beamer Team via: